Krystal Sarcone

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With regards to my professional aptitudes, communication is one of my most valued skill sets- second in line after content knowledge. This is because it not only is how we humans interact (whether it be between co-workers, patients and their doctors, politicians with stake holders etc.) but because there is something special that takes place when we utilize 'spoken' words to portray our thoughts, advice, fears and excitement. Good interpersonal skills go beyond using the right words; it involves nonverbal cues and being perceptive of your audience and their world view (the fears and background they bring to the table). 

Additionally, in this global society, communication involves an element of knowing 'foreign' languages. Though not a requirement, knowing additional languages can help professionals accomplish their goals with patients and communities. It allows for a more direct exchange, the opportunity for personal rapport and can positively contribute to decreased medical errors due to culturally or linguistically insensitive standards. When language barriers are dismantled and the potential for quality increases. I have always had a respect for, and interest in linguistics; which I feel will serve me well as an expert in the field of public health or as provider with my patients.

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