Krystal Sarcone

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Work Experience

Over the past five and a half years I have been dedicating my time and have actively been engaged in outreach work, specifically spine medical missions. I most recent years the majority of my outreach work has been within the context of what has eventually become my full-time job, working with non-profits running surgery medical missions abroad in various countries including the Dominican Republic, Colombia, Vietnam, Poland, Costa Rica, Nicaragua and China. In early years I had primarily been volunteering with the Butterfly Foundation (Feb of 2009-May 2013). World Spine Outreach is another Spine Surgery Non-Profit that has been intimately involved with co-coordinating and running missions with the Butterfly Foundation over the past couple of years to the Caribbean and South East Asia. In early 2013 I helped Dr. Anthony Rinella found Global Spine Outreach and then in mid-2013 I was, (after serving as a volunteer with them for 1.5years) offered the full-position of Executive Director with SpineHope, the company to who I now dedicate my time, energy and expertise. 


Butterfly Mission to DR Sep. 2008

Butterfly Mission to Vietnam Dec. 2012