Krystal Sarcone

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Welcome! Bienvenido! Karibu! Bienvenue! Marhaba! Bem-Vindo! Huanyíng! Benvenuti! Chào Mung!

As someone who is often called a 'Jill' of All Trades, a Miss MacGyver of sorts, or even a female version of Inspector Gadget- it may come as no surprise that I've got an assortment of hobbies, aptitudes, and projects keeping me busy- not to mention two storage units filled of ‘things’ that keep this lifestyle afloat.

A dear friend of mine also says I approach life like a student... constantly observing, learning, deliberating, and reflecting. This naturally lends itself to sticky-notes and e-clutter galore on a plethora of topics spanning the diversity of my interests.

And then there are those who would never let me get away without mentioning my obsessive, yet crafty and inventive, ways. And for these particular traits I have the perfect analogous character to add to the growing list; Leslie Knope- from the comedy TV series Parks & Recreation; whose day-to-day involves caring about her work in profound, impressive but often drastic ways. The word "workaholic" finds refuge here yet her optimism and enjoyment of simple pleasures, like whip cream, keep her sane.

The above self and else-inflicted judgments are introductory glimpses of my mosaic. I have more layers beyond being a thoroughly prepared tool-belt-wearing queen of thingamabobs. Intuitiveness, honesty, humor, dedication and resourcefulness are other attributes I take pleasure in developing.

Please use and enjoy this website as a resource and way to find out more about my professional, academic, and personal pursuits.

Zara Zara
Bombay S. Jayashri (Putumayo Presents: India)