Krystal Sarcone


Skills & Aptitudes


Though not a requirement, knowing additional foreign languages can help professionals accomplish their goals with patients and communities. It allows for a more direct exchange, the opportunity for personal rapport and can positively contribute to cultural sensitivity and decrease miscommunication including those leading to tragic medical errors. Given my international focus, my linguistic skills and teacher training will serve me well as a professional. And feel free to watch my TEDx talk about my unique introduction to language! 

Web Development & Design

I've always dabbled in all thinks software and language related. After gaining proficiency in multiple languages it wasn't too much of a surprise that teaching myself HTML wasn't a painful process. And with an eye for aesthetics and design, making websites was a natural fit. It addition to this newly revamped web-based portal of my work I've built over a dozen websites for companies, nonprofits, individuals etc.

young scholars conference

A Conference for Women in STEM @ Brown University 


A Small Group Boutique Travel Company


An International Medical for Kids with Scoliosis

california brain & spine institute

A High-Quality Neuro-Surgery Private Practice