Krystal Sarcone


Electronic Portfolio



A one-stop-shop of my proudest creations and artistic, academic, and professional endeavors.

gis projects

Explore assignments and projects that showcase my capacities with spatial data and the ArcGIS suite. 

program planning & evaluation

Here you'll find a variety of papers and projects that focus on designing health and policy interventions.

qualitative research

My MPH master's thesis made use of qualitative data on the topic of disability and experiences with apparel.


quantitative research

Samples of work and assignments using quantitative methodology and software such as STATA.

other writing samples

Other samples including creative writing samples, opinion pieces and opposition papers.

web design

Throughout the years I've grown decently proficient at designing and building websites. See sample work here.


A one-stop-shop for an assortment of presentations and talks for and on diverse purposes, venues, and topics.