Krystal Sarcone

Old Sublet

Living Room

Amazing Spacious & Sunny Furnished 1-2-BR Apt Sublet

1 Mile from Brown's Campus

224 Howell Street Apt. 2
Providence RI 02906


Quick introduction

  • I got a grant-funded job opportunity in Ohio for 8 months. Because I have very much made RI my home I am not quiet looking to entirely move away. I have an amazing 2 bedroom apartment with an incredible landlord. So I’m hoping to sublet my apartment. The apartment is technically a 2 bedroom, but I was thinking to consolidate and store some of my items into the 2nd bedroom and take a couple hundred off rent to compensate. The rest of the apartment is mostly furnished… with kitchenware, table, chairs, bed, coffee tables, couch etc. The space is huge! Two kitchen areas (sink, cabinets, dishwasher, fridge room + dining and stove room), plus a large middle/dining room and a full living room plus the 2 bedrooms and bath. I love this apartment so much I’d rather sublet it than move out. Minimum duration is 4 months, with up to 8-months. And depending on my grant funding maybe even longer. I’ll be available to show the apartment after Jan 20th.


  • $1,200

    • $1,175 will be paid directly to the landlord by the 1st of the month and the other $25 to me via PayPal or Venmo. The utilities are in my name and are paid by me.

  • Typically rent + utilities is about $1,425. I’m very transparent about those costs and have an excel sheet of the average utility costs (plus the actual utility bills available). I was going to contribute $225 to keep some stuff stored in the 2nd bedroom, bringing down the rent to $1,200. If for any reason your utility usage rises above the total average of $1,425 you are responsible for the difference. This is definitely possible if you run an AC all day as I don’t usually use an AC at the apt, bringing down the yearly average. At end of your term if you overpaid for utilities, I will add that amount when I return your security deposit. I’m not looking to make money off this, just keep my apt and good relations with my landlord. So please respect the space and all will be great!


  • Rent

  • Heat

  • Hot water

  • Gas

  • Electric

  • Wifi

  • Trash removal

  • 1 off-street parking spot

Does NOT Include

  • TV / Cable *you would have to set this up

  • Laundry

    • coin-op machines in basement $1.50 per washer and $1.50 per dryer load


  • 224 Howell Street Providence RI 02906

  • 1 mile to Campus Center

Space & Size

  • Super spacious

  • Lots of light with lots of windows on all four sides of the apt.

  • 2nd Floor Apt

  • Roughly 1,200 sq ft.

  • Backyard picnic table and grill garden area


  • Available Feb 1st

  • Minimum duration 4 months sublease with possibility of 8-month or longer


  • $1150 Security paid to Krystal Sarcone

  • Returned within 2 weeks of end of sub-lease as per RI laws.


  • Cute street community with park at the end of the road

  • Close to:

    • YMCA

    • Park

    • Whole Foods

    • Tortilla Flats

    • Hope High School

    • Preschool/day-care

    • City Kitty Veterinarian

    • The Observatory

    • RIPTA bus stops

Preferences for SUBLETTER

  • Can't be allergic to cats. I’m taking my cat(s) with me but I imagine this place has some cat residue if you’re super allergic

  • Non-smoker, of anything- I’m sorry I’m hyper allergic to smoke.

  • Clean, neat and cleans up after themselves.

  • Decent human being. :)

  • Drama free and not about bringing negative energy into the apt.

  • Small pets (reptiles, rodents, cats) etc. allowed. No dogs, sorry. Landlord rules.


  • Great

  • Responsive

  • Easy-going

  • Lives on the 1st floor

  • Is aware of subletting arrangement and you’ll have each other’s information.