Krystal Sarcone



Mama & Grey-Grey


Thank you for helping check on Mama & Grey-Grey. Ian will be around, mainly at night. He should be helping with food and litter, but as you know, I worry his commitment to help with the kiddies probably has plummeted after the plan to move out likely by April 1st. And his help has been sub par in the past. So if you don't mind checking that stuff too, that would be amazing.

I'll be out of town the morning of Sat. Mar. 17th til the morning of Mon. Mar. 26th.

Martin = S's & U's | Overlapping = Mon | Damian = M-F

Keys are in the lock box in the garage. Code is all the numbers on the right side in any order. As a building we only lock the top/bolt lock to the back door of the house and me and Ian don't lock our apartment door.



The main reason I wanted someone to check on the kitties is because they get depressed and then overeat and oversleep when they don't get enough play time and Ian works a lot and doesn't play much with them. He leaves at like 6am and he's usually home after 3:30pm

Greyson has a lot of energy and will run and play until he's breathing heavy, which is what I aim for since he's a wee bit overweight.

Favorite Toys:

  • Pink Ribbon
  • Blue Mardi Gras Beads
  • Laser Pointer
  • Pink Bending Wire & Bell


In general Mama's a bit more moody and depending on her heat cycle she may or may not let you pick her up. Greyson is a big loving fur ball.

They're allowed to be and do almost anything, e.g. be on any furniture, counters etc. So when playing with them they'll likely leap and climb over anything.

The red blanket is their new favorite and it's Mama's comfort blanket. She always napping and kneading it.


Their food station is in the kitchen next to the stove. Use the food down there first in the bag. Since Mama has allergies and her lip swells and she sometimes gets cheek and mouth irritation. So I switched off the food in the class containers to if that helps, but feel free to switch back to it if we run out of the bag food before I get back, which we might. They self feed so feel free to add food to the bowl if it's low.


They love their water. And they only eat dry food so they mainly hydrate through their watering holes. They have a bowl in the living room on the corner table near the red lamp, a water bowl with their food in the kitchen and another one on the night stand in the bedroom.

I give them filtered water, and they're a handheld jug usually in the living room and another larger one in the fridge. 

For the watering hole in the bedroom on the night stand, I add a little bit of table salt because Mama likes that. Feel free to follow suit. 


There are three litter boxes in the living room. The green one on the far left has reusable pellets so it has it's own scoop. The other two have normal-ish litter and there is a trash bin right next to them.


There are a handful of treats left I'll leave them by their food. Mama eats both kinds. Greyson won't eat the shrimp ones.