Krystal Sarcone

Hen Hud

Hen Hud

Peer AIDS Education Program

Peer AIDS Education Program & Stopping World Wide AIDS (SWAT)

My senior year as part of my WISE project I helped establish our school's chapter of a Peer AIDS Education student group. Besides helping coordinate training at North Shore Hospital in Long Island, I also lead a team at the AIDS Walk, worked on a film projected for that event, spearheaded our the first AIDS speaker in the district and coordinated fundraisers such as the showcased concert.

Cross Country & Track & Frield

Before a back injury at the end of 11th grade put me out of business I was actively involved in both my high school's varsity Cross Country and Track & Field teams since 8th grade. I was unexpectedly decent at competing and quickly began setting school records in long distance events (my favorite of which was the mile). I consistently made all-league and sometimes all-county. I also ran and won the first women's steeple chase event held in NY state back in XXXXXX. But beyond these athletic recognitions I enjoyed the the mental challenges this sport brought in addition to it's phsyical ones. The memories of running the trails at Van Cortlandt Park, the team comraderie and particularly my relationship with coach Marciaa Bailey are some of the most powerful from my high school career.