Krystal Sarcone


b. 1986, HK.

About Me


As someone who is often called a 'Jill' of All Trades, a Miss MacGyver of sorts, or even a female version of Inspector Gadget- it may come as no surprise that I've got an assortment of hobbies, aptitudes, and projects keeping me busy- not to mention just way too much stuff to keep this lifestyle afloat.

A dear friend of mine also says I approach life like a student... constantly observing, learning, deliberating, and reflecting. This naturally lends itself to sticky-notes and e-clutter galore on a plethora of topics spanning the diversity of my interests.

But I have more layers beyond being a thoroughly prepared tool-belt-wearing queen of thingamabobs.

Intuitiveness, honesty, humor, dedication, and resourcefulness are other attributes I take pleasure in developing.

Please use and enjoy this website as a resource and way to find out more about my professional, academic, and personal pursuits.