Krystal Sarcone


Welcoming Rumminations

It's not uncommon that while I'm hanging out with friends the phrase, "You know what's interesting about humans?" comes out of my mouth. A slight chuckle and kind-hearted smiles reassure me that they don't judge when their response is, "What's that Krystal?"

I'm thankful that I have friends that humor my fascination with psychology, sociology, and physiology. I also appreciate the comfort I've found with a few that allow me to share these inner ramblings as they surface and bubble- whether we're at dinner at Joe Shanghai, a restaurant in China Town NYC, or in the hallway of a yoga studio, like Energy Movement Center, or like most often... in the middle of the sidewalk at some crazy late hour when I've circled around ideas about feminism, poverty, business plans, marriage etc. and I just want to share and explore the beauty and complexity of these life topics before we part and head separate ways towards our own cars.

Not because I think what crosses my mind is more worth sharing than the elaborate thoughts of others, but because sharing them is easy enough in this world where socializing electronically is a thing, I aspire to contribute my mental ramblings to cyber history and make my virtual imprint.



Krystal Sarcone