Krystal Sarcone

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Since the seventh grade I have been drawn to the field of international public health. I studied International Community Health at my undergraduate college, Ithaca College. I took a five-year work hiatus before recently starting my master's program at Brown University for Global Public Health. I have a sincere interest in infectious disease, development programs and statistical reasoning. I am also have an interest in the practice and application of medicine, particularly how such knowledge applies to public health programs. Outside of this field of interest I also have to apply my skill-sets towards becoming a full fledged serial entrepreneur and hope to launch one of my handful of business ideas in the near future. 

This section of my website is essentially electronic version of resume and professional identity. Through the beauty of technology I'll be able to share with you deeper insight to my accomplishments, work experience as well as developed skill sets in a much more personable, interactive and elaborate way than what Facebook, Twitter and Linked-In allow. Use the images, which link to their own page, to further explore each category of my resumé.


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