Krystal Sarcone

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Juvenile Delinquent Case Study: This paper involves the semester-long case study I had with a juvenile delinquent and the literature review that related to his life circumstances, incarceration experience and aspirations.

Reflection: To say the very least this project was certainly eye-opening and I without a doubt gained content knowledge on an issue I hadn't studied before. This piece is certainly of higher quality than earlier works I've produced during my college career and really has prepared me to put in hours of work researching peer-reviewed literature to develop competency.

Hand Washing Lesson Plan for Community Health Education Program: Being that I am not a Health Education Major the concepts of lesson plans didn't enter as required tasks until my 'Teaching Strategies' course and the practice of organizing my presentations in such as way has definitely served me well. My hand washing lesson plan is one I never got to implement, though is exemplary of my preparatory skills.

Intercultural Reaction Papers: This document is an compiled artifact of the four essential papers I wrote for my 'Intercultural Communications' course. Featuring examinations of an the autonomous and human rights struggle of an Ecuadorian indigenous rainforest tribe, Islamic fashion, Latino identity, & the collision of Asian and American cultural norms.

Reflection: One of the most applicable course I've ever taken was this Intercultural Communications course. It perfectly fit with my designed concentration. And this course truly, with regards to gaining a more open world view as well as learning culturally sensitive communication techniques, was unbelievably invaluable for me as I approach public health work in our global society.

Vaccination Paper: This paper was suppose to be an argument paper in which I selected the controversial issue of vaccines. 

Reflection: This paper has a much longer story or reflective aspect then I'll share, but I'll summarize that... my professor at the time advised me against writing this paper since they clearly disagreed with the 'devil's advocate' position I was planning on taking. I decided to go through with it since I felt moved by the debate and enjoy the challenge of researching an alternative point of view. In the end I received a likely unfair grade and criticism in front of the class. However this experience has had a significant role in my life since it taught me that in the face of academic superiority I should be cognizant of the risk I am taking but ultimately be true to myself for the personal growth it will offer me.